Brooklyn-Canarsie Community Information

Ten schools service the educational needs of students living in Canarsie-Brooklyn: P.S. 114, P.S. 115, P.S. 272, P.S. 242, P.S. 279, P.S. 276, Bildersee J.H.S. 68, J.H.S. 211, Canarsie High School, and South Shore High School.

The Canarsie Pier, which is part of the Gateway National Recreational Area, is a popular fishing spot for residents and visitors and has been for over 300 years. Fishermen can expect to catch an abundance of fluke and blue fish here at the pier. Located on the Jamaica Bay, Canarsie Pier was a bustling center for commercial fishing back in the 19th century and even became a popular recreational area in the early 1900s. However, by the 1920s, urban pollution and the ever-expanding population quickly deteriorated the environment around the pier, eventually deeming any fish caught from the bay unsafe to eat. To remedy this, the city decided to build a 600-foot pier in hopes of turning the bay into a seaport. Since 1973 the National Park Service has managed and operated this historic site, restoring the water quality of the bay, and turning the area into a once more popular recreational area.

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